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A Guide to the Arizona GED

Life is unpredictable and any number of things can happen that prevents a person from obtaining his or her high school diploma. However, don’t let circumstances prevent you from pursuing and achieving your goals. If you need a high school diploma to take the next step in your life but you’ve been out of school for awhile, you can earn a General Educational Development (GED) certification instead. Here is a short guide to taking the Arizona GED test.

How is the Arizona GED Test Formatted?

The Arizona GED exam is a 7.5 hour test that is divided into five topics every high school student must know: science, social studies, mathematics, language arts writing, and language arts reading. The language arts writing test consists of a multiple choice and an essay section. The mathematics test has two sections also, but you can only use a calculator on the first part.

What is the Minimum Score Needed to Pass the Exam?

Each section of the Arizona GED is worth up to 800 points. While you must get an average of 450 points per section (2,250 points total), anything below 410 points is considered a failing grade. However, you can take the parts you failed over again. There is a 30-day waiting period between tests and you must have completed all sections of the exam before you can retest on any one part. The number of times you can retake the test depends on how many alternate forms of the test are available. If you exhaust all forms of the exam by December 31, you must wait until January 1 of the following year to try again.

What are the Eligibility Requirements?

You must meet the following eligibility requirements before you can take the Arizona GED exam:

  • At least 18 years old. Teenagers 16 or 17 years old can take the test but must present a notarized permission letter from their parent or guardian and proof that they withdrew from school
  • There is no residency requirement in Arizona, but the person must have attended high school in Arizona or have taken one or more tests in the state.

What are the Registration Requirements for the Arizona GED Exam?

You must register for the Arizona GED exam at an official testing center. You can find a list of these centers on the Arizona Department of Education website. Two forms of identification are required:

  • The primary ID must have your photograph, name, date of birth, address and signature (e.g. driver’s license)
  • The secondary ID can be a birth certificate, bank card with photo, or a social security card

The fee for the GED exam varies depending on the testing center. Be prepared to pay up to $90 for the complete test and $15 per section of the test you must retake.

How to Prepare for the Arizona GED Test

There are a number of resources available that can help you prepare for the Arizona GED exam. You can take an adult basic education course that will help you improve your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. These classes are typically available at community colleges and adult education centers. If you don’t have time or prefer independent study, you can get GED review guides and other study materials from a bookstore, the library, or select retailers online.


  • Tips for Customizing Your GED Studies

    Tips for Customizing Your GED Studies

    If you did not graduate from high school, all is not lost. You can still open the doors of opportunity by obtaining a General Educational Development (GED) diploma. It is considered by most employers and colleges to be the same as a high school diploma. To obtain the GED, you must pass a test that consists of question from five subjects and takes about 7.5 hours to complete. The test has been around since 1942 and is the only alternative to getting a high school diploma.

  • Tips for Preparing for the GED

    Tips for Preparing for the GED

    The General Education Development (GED) test is designed to examine the extent of your knowledge of five topics that high school students study: language arts writing, language arts reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Most people who want to obtain a GED certificate need a refresher course in these topics. Luckily there are a few ways you can obtain the information you need to pass. You can purchase books and study guides, use online resources, or sign up for adult education classes.

  • Online Resources for Passing the GED Exam

    Online Resources for Passing the GED Exam

    Most people that didn’t graduate from high school know that getting a GED certificate can help improve their lives. However, they may work full time or have other obligations that make it difficult to find time to study for and take the exam. Here are a few online resources that can help you prepare for the GED test.

  • Using the Internet to Prepare for the GED Test

    Using the Internet to Prepare for the GED Test

    Whether you want to get ahead at work or you simply want to take getting your high school diploma off your to-do list, getting a General Educational Development (GED) certificate is a worthy goal. Here is some information about the GED exam and what you need to do to earn this certificate online. There are several online resources you can use to help you prepare for the test…

  • How to Find a GED Testing Center in Your Area

    How to Find a GED Testing Center in Your Area

    Once you have studied for the exam, the next step is to find a testing center in your area. While there are thousands of testing facilities all over the world, your location will determine what resources you use to find them. Here is how to find a GED testing center in your town. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, then you are very fortunate. There are over 2,500 testing facilities in these countries that offer the GED exam. To find one near you, call the American Council on Education or visit their official website. They will happily refer you to a place where you can take the GED exam.