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Medical Assistant Certification – Your Path To Higher Earnings - The Sawyer School

Medical Assistant Certification – Your Path To Higher Earnings

how to become a medical assistant
Getting your medical assistant certification is your ticket to much higher pay in this field.  Sure, it’s true that you can get a job in the industry with no cert or training, but your pay scale is going to be on the low end.

And, who wants to earn $20,000 a year when you could be earning $30,000 or more?  Isn’t it worth getting your certification in order to increase your salary by 50%?  You’re darn right it’s worth it.  And considering that you can go to school online and in your spare time while you work, it’s extremely worth it.

Or, if you’re just breaking into the field and you want a higher starting salary, it’s undoubtedly worthwhile to go to school and get your certification before you even start applying for jobs.

Getting you CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) is worth thousands of dollars to your bottom line, so what are you waiting for?  A bus?  Not only that, but after you’ve been a practicing medical assistant for 5 years you can get an even higher level certification (RMA – Registered Medical Assistant) and earn even more.  Don’t let anyone fool you into believing that this career path can’t pay well.  It can, if you work for it.

There are plenty of schools and programs out there, both online and at traditional schools.  They provide you with the training that you need to apply for the best jobs with the best salaries.  And as you gain in experience you will earn even more.

Being a medical assistant is a great career path for caring people, for people who like being around other people and for people who enjoy interacting while in their work environment.  It has a good amount of responsibility as well, people are relying on you to get and stay healthy, and that’s a nice feeling at the end of the day.

As a certified medical assistant you’ll be running the administrative tasks of the office, billing, paperwork, etc, as well as performing some medical tasks, such as perhaps preparing patients for their examinations, drawing blood, and taking care of laboratory specimens.

Remember getting your medical assistant certification is your first step towards earning what you truly deserve at you job.  It’ll give you self-confidence and make you a better employee, as well as helping pad your bank account.