Online Resources for Passing the GED Exam

Most people that didn’t graduate from high school know that getting a GED certificate can help improve their lives. However, they may work full time or have other obligations that make it difficult to find time to study for and take the exam. Here are a few online resources that can help you prepare for the GED test.

Websites for Taking Practice Exams
These websites are designed to test your knowledge so you can see where you are strong and where you need to devote time to studying.

GEDonline: ( is a continuing education site that provides information about the GED exam and a variety of preparatory resources. You must pay to access some of the site’s features and the membership fee is $50 for four months.

PassGED:( Their Study@Home program is designed to help you pass the GED exam on the first try, even if it has been years since you’ve been in school. They offer financial aid to those that may not be able to afford the course fees.

State Programs: A number of states have official websites where you can obtain information about the GED program in that state. Check the Department of Education website for your state for resources that will help you pass the exam.

Taking the GED Exam Online
There are a number of places online that allow you to take the GED exam. This includes community college, university, and adult education program websites. Some state education websites also offer the GED test online. An alternative school called GED Options will let you take the test over the Internet for $219 which includes study materials that you can complete from the comfort of your living room couch.

The most important part of taking the GED test is studying before you do it. It may be tempting to think that your life experience is enough preparation for the exam, but it is not. Take time to find the study program that fits with your goals and preferences and use it to successfully pass the GED test.