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Nurse Anesthetist Salary - The Sawyer School

Nurse Anesthetist Salary

Nurse Anesthetist salary
As a profession, nursing is establishing a well-defined body of knowledge and expertise. A number of nursing conceptual frameworks contribute to the knowledge base of nursing and give direction to nurse practice, education, and ongoing research. Also known as certified registered nurse anaesthetist (CRNA). A nurse who has completed advanced education in an accredited program in anaesthesiology. The nurse anaesthetist carries out preoperative visits and assessments, and administers general anaesthetics for surgery under the supervision of a physician prepared in anaesthesiology. The nurse anaesthetist also assesses the postoperative status of clients.

Nurse Anesthetist Salary
The salary depends on the level of responsibility and the agency that you are working. It is known that those certified registered nurse anaesthetists are some of the best paid nursing specialists currently working. According to American Association of Nurse Anaesthetists, the reported average annual salary in 2008 was approximately between the ranges of $150,000 to $250,000. A CRNA in the U.S has a yearly median salary of $146,521, as of November, 2009.

As of April 2010, a nurse anaesthetist earns between $100,034 and $146,417 annually. Absolutely, one of the most rewarding careers when it comes to monetary satisfaction. Among various factors that affect the salary ranges are the working experience, state location, and the employer.

Working experience
CRNAs are utilized in a variety of settings in and outside of hospitals. The nurse anaesthetist salary is certainly amongst the highest in the medical field, For nurses who have years of work experience, taking advanced certificates, opportunities to work as an independent contractor or even start a business of providing CRNA staffing could open up the possibility of increased salary.

Location and type of employer
Nurse anaesthetists that are working in rural areas earn more than the other CRNAs (approximately $175,000). It’s because there is a great demand of CRNAs in far flung areas such as companies that are located in rural areas. They usually hire one CRNA and pay him more to handle the majority of rural anaesthesiology work.