Category: Court Reporters

  • Online Court Reporting Schools

    The world of court reporting has started to boom, given the recent increase in the popularity of technology. Students are no longer trapped into having to fit their life around their school schedule and not having it work out very well. Online court reporting schools are definitely the way to go, as they give you […]

  • Court Reporter Job Description

    A court reporter is a person that is used in the court room as a transcriptional for all of the live chatter going on between the lawyers, the judge, and everyone else speaking in the room. In plain English, they type everything that is said out loud in a court room so that jurors, the […]

  • Court Typist

    Court typists are also known as court reporters, and they use a stenographic machine to type down all of the verbal communication that the court needs from the proceedings. A court typist will almost always have completed a program that they have used to become certified in one capacity or another. Some states will also […]

  • How Much Do Court Reporters Make

    The court reporter has a very specific job. That is to transcribe all of the written word in the court room so that it can be referenced at a later time. Without this information, jurors would not have the reference that they need when they are deliberating, and attorneys would not have the information that […]