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  • Massage Therapy School

    Massage therapists are professions who assist various clients by manipulating their soft tissue muscles through touch. By touching their clients they are able to help them relax, get rid of pain, and help their injures heal. Massage therapists have been known to work in a variety of different habitats. Some settings are private whole other […]

  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Schools Online

    [update] Wallace State Community College Hanceville Alabama Email: Phone: 256-352-8333 Website:[/update] [update] Baptist Health Schools Little Rock AR Email: Phone: 501-202-6200 Website:[/update] [update] Baptist Health Schools Little Rock AR Email: Phone: 501-202-6200 Website:[/update] [notice] *New admissions to the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program has been temporarily put on hold Santa […]

  • LPN Nursing Schools in North Carolina

    Nursing is one of the most rewarding jobs in the health field. As a nurse, you will be able to interact closely with doctors and physician’s assistants, as well as the medical technicians for MRI, CAT, X-ray, and ultrasound. Nurses are very important positions in the medical field because they are often the ones that […]

  • LVN Nursing Programs In Texas

    There are quite a few nursing programs in Texas, and if you are ready to take your caring attitude and put it towards the assistance of those in need, then this is the right move for you. Some of the LVN nursing programs in Texas include the following cities. Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Austin, […]

  • LPN Training In Michigan

    Just as demands for doctors soar, the positions like physician’s assistants, medical technicians, and especially licensed practical nurses (LPN) are in constant demand. In Michigan, if you want to pursue career as LPN, you must meet the fastidious requirements by the Board of Nursing of the Michigan Department of Community Health. Of these exacting requirements […]

  • Nurse Anesthetist Schools In TX

    According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, for over 150 yrs nurse anesthetists have been offering anesthesia care in the U.S. and are the oldest nurse specialty group in the country. In 1909 the first  nurse anesthetists school was formed by Agnes McGee  in Portland, OR at the St. Vincent’s Hospital. The training course was 6 months […]

  • LPN Nursing Programs In Georgia

    Georgia has more than 44 schools throughout the major cities that provide nursing school degrees. Earning a student on his or her way into the medical field. Some of these schools offer excellerated RN to LPN nursing programs as well in Georgia if time is of concern. The choice to make on a health care […]