Information About Taking the GED Test in Spanish

America and Canada are melting pots of different cultures and not everyone speaks English. The General Educational Development (GED) test can be taken in a few different languages and Spanish is one on them. Here is information about taking the GED in Spanish.

The Spanish GED Test
For Spanish-speaking people, taking the test in a language you are comfortable with will contribute greatly to your performance on the test. It is difficult to answer questions correctly when you don’t understand the language. Luckily there are many testing sites in the United States and Canada that offer the GED test in Spanish. In addition to that, Spanish speakers have access to a number of resources that will help them prepare for the five different sections of the GED test: science, social studies, reading, writing, and mathematics.

Spanish GED Preparatory Classes

For assistance with finding a testing site that provides the GED test in Spanish, call the National Center for Family Literacy hotline or visit their website. They can provide you with information over the phone about these testing centers. You can also get referrals from their website.

There are a number of GED prep classes offered in Spanish. There are a couple of ways to find these classes. The first way is to contact the Multicultural Institute, which is a nonprofit organization in California. This organization conducts programs that seek to provide educational, health, economic, and leadership development opportunities. Another place to get information about GED training for Spanish-speaking individuals is the Kentucky Educational Television. This company translated the course material into Spanish.
You can find information about these and other organizations online. A simple search on a popular search engine can uncover local organizations that provide Spanish-based GED preparatory courses.