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GED Maryland | Your Guide To Obtaining Your GED in Maryland

Maryland GED Exam Guide

Increase self-confidence and improve your chances of advancing in your career by getting your GED (General Educational Development) certificate. Every year, millions of people are unable to graduate from high school due to personal trials and tribulations. The consequences of this is people without a high school diploma often make less money and miss out on the opportunities that could lead to a better life.

The first step to changing course is to get your GED certificate. Here is a short guide to the Maryland GED program and information on how to obtain this education credential.

Maryland GED Format

The Maryland GED test is based on the typical course of study for a high school senior. You will be tested on your knowledge of five subjects: writing, reading, math, science, and social studies. Each test has approximately 40 to 50 questions each for a total of 240. The writing test is composed of two parts. The first section is a multiple-choice test and the second is an essay question that is used to analyze writing ability. The math test is also divided into two parts but you can only use a calculator on the first test.

Each test is timed and, overall, you will have about 7 to 7.5 hours to complete the exam.

Minimum Test Score for the Maryland GED Test

Successfully passing the Maryland GED requires you to earn a minimum cumulative score of 2,250. Each test is worth up to 800 points but getting anything less than 410 is an automatic fail. However, once you have completed the entire test, you can retake the portions you did poorly on. The Maryland State Department of Education allows you to take the test up to three times a year. If you do not pass in those attempts, you’ll have to wait until the following year to try again.

Eligibility Requirements for the Maryland GED

You must be at least 16 years old, out of school for a minimum of 6 months, and a resident of Maryland for 3 months or more to be eligible to take the Maryland GED. You cannot have graduated or otherwise have earned a high school diploma or equivalent from an accredited school.

Registering for the GED Exam

You can download the GED application from the Maryland State Department of Education website (, but you must register for the test in person at an official testing center. You are required to present photo identification, proof of residency, and your social security card when you register for the exam. The fee to take the test varies between exam centers but the average is $45.

Preparing for the Exam

If you want to guarantee you will do well on the GED exam, you need to commit to studying for the test. Unlike when you were last in school, you have more flexibility when it comes to learning what you need to know for the exam. One of the common ways people prepare for the test is by enrolling in a GED prep course. This option is best for people who prefer the structure of a classroom setting and the instant feedback they can receive from instructors about their progress.

Independent types may do better with self-study aids like GED review books and free practice exams that can be found online. You can study at your own pace and will have the freedom to focus on the subjects where you are weakest while skipping the ones you already know. GED self-study aids can be purchased at bookstores and online retailers.