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GED Montana | Your Guide To Obtaining Your GED in Montana

Montana GED Exam Guide

Montana is well known for its mountain ranges. What many Montana residents may not know is that they can obtain a high school diploma equivalent that can help them get ahead at work and in life. The Montana General Education Development (GED) diploma is accepted by almost every employer and post-secondary school, which means you can pursue the job or college degree you want after you earn the diploma. This guide contains information on how you can get a Montana GED diploma.

Montana GED Test Format

A person that has a Montana GED diploma is considered to be on the same level educationally as a person who graduated with a high school diploma. This is because the test is modeled after the basic education taught in high school. There are 240 questions distributed over five tests on reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Except for the writing test that includes one essay question, all of the questions on the GED exam are multiple-choice.

You will have between 45 and 80 minutes to complete each section. Tests can be taken over multiple days. Accommodations are made for people with physical or learning disabilities.

Passing the Montana GED Exam

The highest possible score you can get on the GED test is 4000, but you only need 2250 to pass. This translates to an average score of 450 for each test. As long as you don’t score lower than 410 on any test and you achieve the minimum cumulative score, you will pass the GED. You will need to retake any test where you score 409 or less until you get a higher number. There is a 30 day waiting period between retakes.

You can take the GED test a maximum of three times within a 12-month window. Before you can retake a single section of the test, you have to take the entire exam at least once.

Montana GED Eligibility Requirements

You must be a resident of Montana to take the GED test and you cannot have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent from an accredited school. People enrolled in a K-12 school are not eligible to take the GED.

The minimum age to take the test without stipulations is 19. If you are 17 to 18, you can take the test provided you meet one of the qualifications:

  • Official withdrawal slip, permission slip, or equivalent showing you have been out of school for 90 or more days
  • Lives in a Montana-based job corps center
  • Incarcerated
  • A ward of the state

Sixteen year olds must obtain a waiver signed by a parent or guardian and by the appropriate school official to take the GED test.

Registering for the Montana GED Test

The exam can only be taken at any official Montana GED testing site. You can get a list of sites in your area by visiting the Montana Office of Public Instruction website ( You must register at the same testing site where you plan to take the exam. Photo identification and proof of age are required when you register for the exam. The test costs $55 for the whole set. For retakes, it is $14 for the language arts writing section, and $7 per test for all other sections.

Preparing for the Montana GED

You can prepare for the Montana GED by taking a preparatory course or through independent study. GED prep courses are great for people that prefer the structure of a classroom and the ability to work one on one with the instructor. Independent study is good for people that don’t have time to take a class or who may not need the comprehensive overview a prep course provides.

GED prep classes are usually offered by community college and adult education centers. GED study guides and practice tests can be purchased at local bookstores or downloaded off the Internet.