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GED Nevada | Your Guide To Obtaining Your GED in Nevada

Nevada GED Exam Guide

The Nevada Department of Education helps thousands of adults improve their lives through the Nevada GED (General Educational Development) program. With a GED, you can qualify for a personally fulfilling and better paying job as well as enter a post-secondary educational program. Here is a short guide to the Nevada GED and how you can earn this useful diploma.

Nevada GED Exam Format

The GED certifies to potential employers, colleges, and universities that you have achieved a high school level of education. The test focuses on the primary subjects high school students must successfully pass to graduate with a diploma. Those subjects are science, math, social studies, and language arts: reading and writing.

The test is divided into five sections. On the language arts writing portion, you will be required to write a well-developed essay. The math portion also has two parts that focus on different aspects of mathematics. Excluding the essay, there are 240 questions and you will have about 7 hours to complete the exam. All testing centers will make reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities. The test is available in Spanish, French, Braille, large print, and audio.

Information about Nevada GED Scores

The maximum score you can obtain on each of the five tests is 800. However, you only need to earn an average of 450 or a cumulative score of 2250 to pass the Nevada GED exam. The lowest score you can get on an individual test and still pass it is 410. Be aware, though, you will need to earn extra points on another test to ensure you hit the minimum score. If you get a score of 1.5 or below on the essay, then you must retake the entire writing test.

You can retake any test you fail, but the number of times you can retake the GED is limited by the number of alternative forms of the test available. If only 3 alternative forms are available, for example, you can only retake the test 3 times in any calendar year.

Nevada GED Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements can change without notice, so it is best to contact the GED testing center nearest you for up to date information. Currently, you must be a Nevada resident and at least 18 years old to take the GED exam. Sixteen and seventeen year olds can take the test if they have written permission from parents or guardians, not currently enrolled in high school or have graduated, and provide verification of withdrawal from school.

Registering for the Nevada GED Test

The GED test must be taken at a testing facility, a list of which can be found on the Nevada Department of Education website ( You will need to register in advance and set an appointment to take the test. You will need to take picture ID, proof of residency and a second form of identification, and your eligibility documentation if required with you when you go to register for the exam. The testing fee is $60 for the battery of tests and must be paid when at registration.

Preparing for the GED Test

Nevada is one of the few states where you can obtain GED instruction via a televised program. The lessons are usually shown on PBS and you will need to consult your local broadcasting guide for show times.

Another option for preparing for the GED test is taking a GED prep course at your local community college. These courses are also available online which is convenient for people with full lives and very little time for classroom instruction. GED study guides and practice tests can be purchased from bookstores or obtained from the local library for independent study.