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GED New Jersey | Your Guide To Obtaining Your GED in New Jersey

New Jersey GED Exam Guide

It can be hard to get ahead in life without a high school diploma, especially in today’s global marketplace. To give yourself the best fighting chance of getting the career you want, take advantage of the New Jersey GED (General Educational Development) program to earn a high school diploma equivalent that will help you achieve your goals.

New Jersey GED Test Format

The New Jersey GED diploma serves as a signal that the person has earned at least a high school level of education. To pass the test, you must answer questions about five subjects: social studies, reading, math, writing, and science.

The test consists of 240 questions in multiple-choice format. There is one essay question on the writing exam that is designed to test your writing ability. You will have up to 80 minutes to complete each test. Overall, the exam takes about 7.5 hours which is divided over two days.

Candidates who use the Spanish or French forms of the GED exam must prove they are proficient in the English language by passing the English Proficiency Test 6 with a score of 410 or higher.

The New Jersey GED program is regulated and administered by the New Jersey Department of Education. If you want up-to-date information about the test, visit their website or contact an official GED testing site in your area.

Passing the New Jersey GED Exam

If you answer all 240 questions correctly and get the highest grade possible on the essay test, you will earn a score of 4000. This is the maximum score possible for the New Jersey GED exam. However, you don’t have to aim that high to pass. The minimum passing score for the GED test is 2250, which is an average of 450 per test.

You can’t get lower than 410 on any individual test, otherwise the test will be given a failing grade. Tests you don’t pass can be retaken once you have completed the whole exam. You are allowed to take the GED exam up to three times per year.

Eligibility Requirements for the New Jersey GED Test

People who meet the following eligibility requirements can sit for the New Jersey GED test:

  • A resident of New Jersey
  • Have not graduated from high school or received an equivalent degree
  • Officially withdrawn from school
  • At least 16 years old
  • 16 and 17 year olds must submit a Certificate of Consent to Participate

Teens under 18 who have guardians must bring court documentation verifying guardianship.

Registering for the Test

There are two ways to register for the New Jersey GED exam. You can register online by following the link available at the New Jersey Department of Education website ( You can also register in person at an official testing site. If you register in person, you will need to bring all relevant documentation and two forms of identification. One ID must be government issued and showing your date of birth, photo, and address. The second ID must verify the information on the government ID such as a car registration.

The GED costs $50 for the full test and $10 per test for retakes. This fee must be paid when you register.

GED Preparation Options

Several resources are available to help you prepare for the New Jersey GED exam. There is a free GED on TV program that comes on the New Jersey Network which provides instruction that will help you improve your reading, writing, and math skills. Another option is to take a free GED prep class available at a New Jersey adult learning center. You can also find GED prep courses online. A last option is to study independently using GED study guides and practice tests.