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Occupational Health Nurse Salary - The Sawyer School

Occupational Health Nurse Salary

You might be looking at getting into the field of nursing. If so there are many things you will want to think about before just jumping in. Salary is usually one of the first things that comes to mind.

A Texas occupational health nurse may make a little less than someone living in one of the northern states such as Illinois, however states like Michigan also may pay a bit less because of the local economy.

Generally it is a good idea if you are more concerned with meeting the national pay scale of an Occupational Health Nurse to make sure the state and city you live in can live up to your expectations.

An Occupational Health Nurses wages in Massachusetts may be a bit more because of a sustained economy and higher retirement community. Florida is also similar because it is a state in which many people retire, and generally there is a growing need for senior citizens to get checkups and so forth.

Industrial nurses are paid approximately $65,000 per year, but this will continue to no doubt grow based on the need for qualified nurses not only in Hospitals, but also on job sites and at companies which is precisely what an Occupational Health Nurse does.