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GED Vermont | Your Guide To Obtaining Your GED in Vermont

Earning the Vermont GED Diploma

If you are sick of getting turned down for good jobs because you don’t have your high school diploma, then turn things around by getting your Vermont GED (General Educational Development) certificate. With a little studying and perseverance, you can get the educational credential you need to get ahead in life.

Vermont GED Test Format

The Vermont GED exam is a five-part test consisting of 240 multiple-choice questions on five subjects: social science, reading, math, science, and writing. The writing and math tests have two parts. Part one of the writing test is a 50 question exam. For part two, you are required to write a well thought out essay. You are allowed to use a calculator for part one of the math test but not for part two. The goal of the GED is to test your ability to think critically and communicate ideas.

You will have about seven and a half hours to complete the exam. Those with visual impairments can get a Braille, large print, or audio version of the exam. The test can also be taken in French or Spanish.

Passing the Vermont GED Test

To pass the Vermont GED, you must get at least 410 out a possible 800 score on the individual tests and you must earn a cumulative score of 2250 (average 450 on each test). The test can be retaken up to 3 times per year. Currently, there is no waiting period between retakes, but it is a good idea to take time to study for the exam before taking it a second or third time.

Vermont GED Eligibility Requirements

Anyone aged 16 or over can take the GED exam in Vermont as long as they are not enrolled in high school, have graduated high school, or earned an equivalent diploma. Teens 16 and 17 must also submit a permission form signed by a parent or guardian to the Chief Examiner.

How do I Register for the Exam?

To register for the Vermont GED exam, you will need to submit an application and supplemental paperwork to the Vermont Adult Learning center. Be prepared to provide identification verifying your identity. Once you have paid the fee, $75 for the full battery and $15 for individual retests, you will be able to make an appointment to take the exam. (visit

How do I Prepare for the Test?

Studying is the key to successfully passing the Vermont GED. There are several ways you can prepare for the GED exam. You can take a preparatory course at a Vermont Adult Learning center or the community college nearest you. Another option is to take an online or distance learning GED class that allows you to learn what you need to know in the comfort of your home. A third option is to purchase GED workbooks and practice tests and study on your own. These tests can be found in any bookstore, library, or online.