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GED Wyoming | Your Guide To Obtaining Your GED in Wyoming

Wyoming GED Test Guide

Every year, thousands of people earn their GED (General Educational Development) certificate and you can too. Here is information about the Wyoming GED exam that can help you earn more money, go to college, or enjoy a feeling of accomplishment.

Wyoming GED Test Format

The Wyoming GED has five sections, each dedicated to a specific subject taught in high school: science, math, social studies, writing, and reading. There are 240 multiple-choice questions and one essay question. You will have up to 90 minutes to complete each part of the exam. Overall, the test will take about 7.5 hours to complete. For the math test, you will be provided with a calculator for part of the exam. You will need to use scratch paper for the other half.

GED testing centers will make accommodations for people with physical, psychological, and learning disabilities. The test can be taken in Spanish, French, and English. For the visually impaired, you can get the test in large print, audio, or Braille format.

How Is the WY GED Exam Scored?

Each test can earn a possible score of 200 to 800. The minimum average score you must earn on each test is 450. Cumulatively, you need to earn 2250 or above. The lowest score you can get on a subtest is 410. Anything lower will receive a failing score.

If you fail any part of the exam, you can retake part or the entire test. If you pass the test, you can only take again if you need to raise your score for acceptance to a post-secondary school, you are trying to get a Hathaway Scholarship, a higher score is required for employment, or for armed forces enlistment. You will need to speak to the Chief Examiner to find out more information about retesting.

Wyoming GED Eligibility Requirements

You can take the Wyoming GED if you are at least 18 years old and not enrolled in high school or have graduated from one. If you are under 18 but at least 16, you can sit for the test once you submit an Age Waiver Application. You must complete the official practice test with a minimum score of 450 per test and an average of 500.

How to Register

There are over 30 testing centers in Wyoming and you will need to submit an application to the one nearest you to register for the GED test (visit You will need to bring photo ID and all relevant paperwork with you. The testing fee is $40, which is due when you register.

Preparing for the WY GED Test

The most common way people prepare for the GED test is by taking a prep class at a local college of adult learning center. These classes go through all of the material that will be on the test. These are good for people who need a thorough review. Another option is to study independently using GED study guides and workbooks. These can be obtained from bookstores and libraries. The Internet is also a good resource for GED testing materials.